AAA Cartoons

making everybody understand


AAA Cartoons is created out of the desire that every person, patients and family members, get a better understanding of cardiovascular disease.

After a doctors informs you about a diagnosis such as stroke, an abdominal aneurysm, claudication or ischemic foot ulcers, you have a lot of information coming your way.

This includes what drugs you should start taking and what lifestyle changes you have to make, but also how this disease will evolve in every blood vessel of your body, and that you may require high-risk surgery...

For a better relationship between doctors and patients, and for shared decision making, it would help if everybody spoke the same language.

That is why my cartoons are out there, to serve one purpose:



From 2019 our animations are undergoing some rigorous renovation. More to come soon!  

If you want to start working with our approach, please contact us (see below).

Check out the first cartoon from way back when, which covered the basics of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease, made easy!

About me

Dr Michiel Voûte, MD, PhD

I was born in Amsterdam in 1981, happily married, and a father of two kids.

I was trained in General and Vascular Surgery in Rotterdam (2013-2019) where I also received my PhD in medicine (2015) on the topic of vascular surgery.